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This page displays two maps that I created after graduate school. The maps on this page were made with GIS. The California Geographical Survey provided a 7.5 minute digital elevation model (DEM) named AKRON for the Washington County maps.
Washington County
This raster elevation model covers a portion of Washington County, Colorado. Washington County is from northeastern Colorado. Elevation values from the model range from 4,400 to 4,734 feet. The highest and lowest values are found from the western part of the model.
Egner 2011
This raster slope model covers the same portion of Washington County from the elevation model. Slope values from the model range from 0 to 88.4 degrees. High slopes between 73.2 and 88.4 degrees are defined at the northwestern part of the model. The slope values were computed with the DEM through the Spatial Analyst Extension on ArcGIS.
Egner 2011
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