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This page displays maps and one graph that I created while in graduate school at Western Illinois University. The maps on this page were made with GIS. The National Atlas provided map boundary data for maps. The graph was an output from my thesis project.
Effingham City Area
These maps show Effingham County and the Effingham city area within that county in 1990 and 2000. Effingham County is located in Illinois. The area colored in yellow is the Effingham city area in 1990, while the area colored in green is the Effingham city area in 2000. I made these maps for a project for my Nonmetropolitan Planning course and, for that project, I had to examine economic impacts from block group areas with tax increment financing (TIF) districts within the Effingham city area. The area that is bounded by the gray lines from 1990 and 2000 is the area that contains Effingham TIF districts.
Egner 2008
Metropolitan Denver
Air Quality Indices
This map shows the average median air quality indices throughout a portion of the Denver Metropolitan Area over the ten-year period from 1997 to 2006. I had to construct an expression for air quality with independent variables of population density and elevation and executed that expression towards interpolating median air quality for my Metropolitan Denver portion (on the map) for each of the years from the ten-year period. Then, I averaged the interpolated median air quality and got average median air quality ranging from 26.4 to 37.7. Locally high indices were notable within Denver County.
Egner 2008
Suitability Scores
I not only yielded average median air quality indices for my Metropolitan Denver portion; I computed suitability scores, indicating safe and unsafe places to live, for that same portion. For suitability scores, I had two criteria: average interpolated air quality indices and distances from power plants. I fused those two criteria into a suitability equation and used that equation to get suitability scores for my Metro Denver portion. Suitability scores for my Metro Denver portion ranged from 0.23 to 0.83. The lowest scores (red) mark the unsafest places to live, and the highest (green) mark the safest places to live. The safest places to live are mostly in the northern parts of the Metro Denver portion in Adams and Jefferson Counties, away from power plants, while the unsafest are around the power plants within Denver County. Suitability scores were not computed for the places colored in white. I produced the maps of air quality indices and suitability scores over Metropolitan Denver for my Thematic GIS course.
Egner 2008
Illinois River Waterway
For my thesis project, I had to construct a model to predict streamflow for the Illinois River Waterway. I had to create and select a multivariate regression equation with independent variables of southern oscillation index, precipitation, and maximum temperature and with the dependent variable of streamflow. Then, I used that multivariate equation to yield a streamflow model of the Illinois Waterway, and this streamflow model has median streamflow fluctuations between 0 and 40,000 cubic feet per second from September 1950 to December 2008. With the model, I predicted a streamflow value for the Illinois Waterway for December 2008 and that value for December 2008 turned out to be approximately 8,579 cubic feet per second.
Egner 2009
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