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I have lived in Illinois since the time I was born. I call Illinois home and continue to live in Illinois to this day.

Illinois is the state in which I had education. While at schools, I accomplished many great achievements and overcame many great challenges. For undergraduate school, I attended Northern Illinois University, and I studied meteorology and climatology at Northern. I learned how to analyze weather conditions at Northern, and conditions change over land areas with time. I achieved a bachelor of science degree in meteorology and a minor in geography from Northern in May 2006. After getting through undergraduate school, I decided to pursue a higher degree in geography and entered graduate school at Western Illinois University. I took geographic information systems (GIS) courses and completed a thesis project at Western. I officially graduated from Western with a master of arts degree in geography in July 2009.

I like the technology of GIS a lot because that technology allows me to make digital maps on computers. Meteorological and climatological patterns, as well as population patterns, can be plotted, and I may not be able to conduct investigation and research activities without GIS. From my perspective, many companies would want to have GIS because that technology would allow personnel to plot out and analyze numerical data patterns over areas on maps. People who are learning or interested in geography, meteorology, and climatology are strongly encouraged to work with GIS.

I am also an advocate of green technologies. Energy conservation will be a very critical topic across the world in the future. Many governments are expected to force many societies to cut energy usages in the effort to reduce energy costs. I am also interested in green technologies as I want higher living qualities for societies. People will not win without green technologies.

With distinctive interests and educational background, I describe myself as an honest and dependable person. I am someone who prefers to use transferable skills of problem-solving, computer programming, computing, modeling, and formulating. In the workforce, in the future, I expect to face more challenges.

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